Can We Avoid Accidents?

Can We Avoid Accidents?

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Statistics are always frightening, especially when they're related to garage door accidents. After all, we all have an overhead door at home and when we read about other people having got injured, we truly think about the safety of our own family. Should we let statistics scare us? The answer is no! Should we get alarmed? We definitely should! It's always better to suspect the worst because in this case you take better precautions and you're prepared to take action should anything happens.

Can We Avoid Accidents?Can we avoid accidents? We certainly can! Garage Door Repair Redmond knows well and by experience that garage doors do not collapse out of the sudden. There are warnings and most definitely good reasons why people get injured or even amputated. We cannot really put all the blame to the garage system. It's time to think over whether we take the right precautions and whether we do the right things. Are we careless? Do we push our luck?

6 ways to avoid injuries

• Do the obvious! Be careful! No matter whether the system is well-maintained and even more if it's not maintained, you should not push your luck by standing under the door to fix the son's bike or do your barbeque. Of course, panels do not collapse out of the blue but why take your chances? For the same reason, you should never attempt garage door repairs on your own. Even if the task is easy, refrain from doing it. After all, parts are somehow interconnected. You might be fixing the cable and get hit by the spring.

• It is also evident that garage door maintenance is required. Not once every five years but at least once annually. In fact, if the system is old and hardly reliable, you should maintain it twice each year. Don't you want to have peace of mind? A bit of checking, repairing and lubricating can do miracles.

• Actually, inspections are best to take place much more often. You don't have to do anything more than simply keep your mind to the way the door moves, how the whole system is behaving and whether it's extremely loud or not. Simple warnings that something is not working well will give you a hint of when it's the best time for maintenance and help you understand whether the mechanism is in good condition or not.

• Replacing garage door parts on time is also vital. After all, they're not manufactured to last forever and although they remain intact for years, there will come a time when they'll need replacement. Don't try to postpone that date because it might cost you your life.

• It goes without saying that maintenance of the garage door opener sensors is of great importance. Actually, the sensors must be kept clean and checked as often as possible. When they reverse the door properly, you can be partly sure of your safety.

• Repair to have a safe garage door. Don't wait till the components are completely broken and worn. Repair them now and be 100% sure you're safe.

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