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The following answers to some common garage door repair related questions will be helpful. Check them out here below. Scroll down and read the best, short answers in order to learn out more about garage doors, their maintenance and how to deal with their problems.

What does clearance in garage door installation mean?

Clearance in garage door installation, just like what the word means in general use, refers to the amount of backroom, headroom, and sideroom needed before a garage door can be possibly installed. In short, it is the minimum space requirement for a specific size of a garage door.

What is the meaning of the garage door cycle?

This term is often mentioned in garage door installation and repair. It refers to the number of times a garage door can be fully closed and fully opened. Based on our garage door specialists’ experience, this is basically similar to the rated cycle for the garage door springs. Most garage doors have cycles of around 25,000 to 100,000.

What are the different door types available?

The various types of residential doors available are wood, steel, fiberglass and aluminum. These types of garage doors offer great value. They are also offered in a variety of styles and come in various price ranges. The one you choose should compliment your house.

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