Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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One of the most sensitive parts in the garage door system are the hinges. As they bear quite a bit of the door’s weight, they tend to get disconnected from the doors after long usage. In order to avoid any accident, make sure to request for routine checkups on a regular basis. Our technicians are all experts at assessing all your door parts as well as their proper condition functioning. They will make sure that there is nothing at the verge of giving way before leaving the premises. So make sure to call us up for your regular checkup to ensure your safety.

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New Panels Installed Quickly

I was more than upset when I saw that two of the panels of my glass garage door had been broken. I was concerned that it would be practically impossible for new ones to be found, but Garage Door Repair Benbrook was totally up to the challenge. They delivered new components with exactly matching size, thickness and color. They were extremely careful to provide perfect garage door panel replacement. The job was completed much more quickly than I had anticipated. The end result was absolutely brilliant. Now I have a strong and beautiful door once again thanks to these experienced specialists.

Effectively Solved Motor Issue

It is more than annoying to deal with a completely stuck opener when you are in a hurry for work. Gladly, I had the number of Garage Door Repair Benbrook from a friend and called them immediately. They responded right away and provided full emergency assistance. The specialists identified a problem with the motor after a quick inspection. They worked with perfect diligence and precision to provide the ideal solution. The unit began working normally once again and has been operating fine ever since. I give a high score to these professionals for the perfect garage door motor repair which was completed quite fast.

Quieted my squeaky door....

"Every time my garage door opened and closed, it made a horrible racket. So much squeaking and squealing! My neighbor recommended your company, so I looked you up, and called for an appointment. When the repairman arrived, I told him about my squeaky door. He told me that he could inspect and oil all of the moving parts. He said that he could also replace the steel rollers with nylon rollers to make it even quieter, but I decided to wait on that. After he oiled the door parts, it was so much quieter! I'm glad I got it done!"

- Rich Holland

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