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These garage door tips are just small advices which can make a difference in your life and safety

Disconnect openers before repairs

Don't forget that garage door openers are electric devices, which are plugged in. If you start working with screwdrivers and other tools, anything could go wrong. Plus, someone could accidentally press the clicker to shut the door while you're working. It's best to unplug and disconnect them before repairs.

Clean your door regularly

It is important to clean your garage door regularly. This can help ensure that the door runs smoothly. However, you should not manipulate high-tension parts like cables, springs, and pulleys when cleaning, as this can cause injuries and accidents. Professional help is required in servicing these parts and components.

Monitor for signs of wear and tear

You should monitor your garage door for signs of wear and tear. Moreover, you can also check the door for any unusual sound while it operates, as this can be a sign of an operational problem. If you observe signs of wear and tear, our experts at Garage Door Repair Benbrook recommend that you seek help from a professional technician.

Always disconnect the opener before providing garage door maintenance

This is a very simple yet extremely important safety measure. It will help you to ensure that no one will start the opener while you are working so you will be able to do the job without risking a serious injury. You should also remember not to make attempts for adjusting the springs. This is not a DIY task.

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